Yann Barsamian

Laboratoire ICube
Pôle API
300 bd Sébastien Brant
CS 10413
F-67412 Illkirch Cedex



2014-Current PhD in Computer Science at the University of Strasbourg
2009-2014 Mathematics teacher in high school


The main research topics for my thesis are: optimisation (loop optimisation, cache misses, communication-avoiding algorithms), parallelisation (MPI, OpenMP, vectorisation, scalability, MIC architectures), reproducibility, numerical simulations for plasma physics (two-species, Particle-in-Cell, Semi-Lagrangian).

My PhD advisors are Éric Violard, Michel Mehrenberger and Sever Hirstoaga.

My thesis is entitled "Parallelisation and optimisation of Semi-Lagrangian and particle methods for solving the Vlasov-Poisson system of equations".


Some teaching material for the University of Strasbourg in computer science : https://moodle2.unistra.fr/ (you need an account at Strasbourg)

FRENCH : some teaching material for High School in mathematics (Seconde, Première, Terminale & BTS SIO) and computer science (BTS SIO) ; feel free to use it with your students : Seconde, Terminale S, Première STSS, Terminale ST2S and BTS SIO.

FRENCH : some teaching material for teachers in mathematics / computer science / geography ; feel free to use it : the link. Some of this material is part of the biannual Université d'été espace éducation of the Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES, Toulouse).


Y. Barsamian, A. Charguéraud, S. Hirstoaga, and M. Mehrenberger,
  Efficient Strict-Binning Particle-in-Cell Algorithm for Multi-Core SIMD Processors, 2018 (.pdf and .bib yet to come).
  * Presentation at Euro-Par 2018 (slides yet to come).
  * Artifacts available, https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.6391796.

Y. Barsamian, S. Hirstoaga, and É. Violard,
  Efficient Data Layouts for a Three-Dimensional Electrostatic Particle-in-Cell Code, 2018, .pdf, .bib.
  * Publication in Journal of Computational Science 27 (2018), pp. 1-12, Elsevier link.

Y. Barsamian, A. Charguéraud, and A. Ketterlin,
  A Space and Bandwidth Efficient Multicore Algorithm for the Particle-in-Cell Method, 2017, .pdf, .bib.
  * Presentation at PPAM 2017, with the following slides.
  * Publication in Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics: 12th International Conference (PPAM), pp. 133-144, Springer link.

Y. Barsamian, S. Hirstoaga, and É. Violard,
  Efficient Data Structures for a Hybrid Parallel and Vectorized Particle-in-Cell Code, 2017, .pdf, .bib.
  * Presentation at IPDPSW 2017, with the following slides.
  * Publication in 2017 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), pp. 1168-1177, IEEE link.

Y. Barsamian, J. Bernier, S. Hirstoaga, and M. Mehrenberger,
  Verification of 2D x 2D and two-species Vlasov-Poisson solvers, 2016, .pdf, .bib.
  * Presentation at CEMRACS 2016, with the following slides.
  * Publication in ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys 63, pp. 35-65.


Y. Barsamian,
  Maximum Subarray Problem in 1D and 2D via Weighted Paths in Directed Acyclic Graphs, 2016, .pdf, .bib.