Some documents for the S7 level in ICT.

Official syllabus:

It is the 2019 syllabus which is available at the following link.

How to program in PHP + MySQL:

1) Install the following softwares:
  * A php editor, e.g. (or Visual Studio as on the school computers)
  * A php + SQL server, e.g.

2) If you don't need SQL, you can test php online:


Some of the documents shared in this section have been reproduced thanks to documents shared by other colleagues. Let them be thanked for eternity (and beyond). It is not easy to always create works ex nihilo, and their help was more than valuable.

  * Work1: HTML ; the associated files TP1_Basic.html and TP1_Errors.html.

  * Work2: Tables, CSS ; the associated files TP2_2019_BTest.html and (source: December 2019 B Test, Mr. Santos Pereira).

  * Work3: HTML Forms ; the associated image TP3_select_all_white.png.