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Rationals, primes: ma4; ma6; all. Square roots, powers: ma4; ma6; all. Functions, linearity: ma4; ma6; all.
Systems of equations: ma4; ma6; all. Polynomials: ma4; ma6; all. Right-angled triangles: ma4; ma6; all.
Enlargement, similarity: ma4; ma6; all. Statistics: ma4; ma6; all. Probabilities: ma4; ma6; all.

Circles: ma6 only. Vectors: ma6 only.
Powers, Sci. notation: ma4; ma6; all. Quadratics, polynomials: ma4; ma6; all. Exponentials: ma4; ma6; all.
Periodic models: ma4; ma6; all. Algorithms: ma4; ma6; all. Radians: ma4; ma6; all.
3d geometry: ma4; ma6; all. Statistics: ma4; ma6; all. Probabilities: ma4; ma6; all.

Logarithms: ma6 only. Trigonometric formulaes: ma6 only. Vectors: ma6 only.

S6 maths3 (155 exercises)
Functions: ma3; all. Derivatives: ma3; all. Periodic functions: ma3; all.
Combinatorics: ma3; all. Probabilities: ma3; all. Discrete rand. var.: ma3; all.
S7 maths 3 - sample papers, prebacs and bac (216 exercises)
Exp., log.: ma3. Integrals, primitives: ma3. Bivariate stats.: ma3.
Continuous rand. var.: ma3. Hypothesis testing: ma3. Other (doable in S6): ma3.

Long exercises: ma3.

S6 maths5 (11 exercises)
Complex numbers: ma5; all. Sequences: ma5; all. Functions: ma5; all.
Limits: ma5; all. Derivatives: ma5; all. Exp., log.: ma5; all.
Vectors in 2d: ma5; all. Combinatorics: ma5; all. Probabilities: ma5; all.
Discrete rand. var.: ma5; all.
S7 maths5 - sample papers (36 exercises)
Complex numbers: ma5. Sequences: ma5. Real functions: ma5.
Integration: ma5. Vectors in 3d: ma5. Bivariate stats.: ma5.
Continuous rand. var.: ma5. Other (doable in S6): ma5.

Long exercises: ma5.

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